Kissing Booth 2 Fans Praise 'Mature' Exes Joey King & Jacob Elordi Working Together

24 July 2020, 10:25 | Updated: 27 July 2020, 12:29

Kissing Booth 2 exes applauded for acting alongside each other
Kissing Booth 2 exes applauded for acting alongside each other. Picture: Getty Images/ Kissing Booth 2 Netflix

'The Kissing Booth 2' is finally here and fans are praising the two stars, Joey King and Jacob Elordi for being professional acting alongside each other despite breaking up before filming began.

The Kissing Booth 2 has finally dropped on Netflix after what's felt like forever, and as Joey King and Jacob Elordi resume their roles as loved-up couple Elle Evans and Noah Flynn, fans are applauding their professionalism as they are, in fact, exes in real life.

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Joey, 20, and Jacob, 23, dated for more than a year after filming the first instalment in 2017, before calling it quits in 2018, and have been open about the struggles of their personal lives being under the scrutiny of the public eye and media.

The official trailer for The Kissing Booth 2 on Netflix

One fan took to Twitter to praise the actin duo, writing: "I salute Jacob Elordi and Joey King for being so professional."

"I know it hits different when you're working with your ex but damn they're so good. I can't wait for The Kissing Booth 2!"

Another said: "It must’ve been awkward at some point for Jacob & Joey because of their past relationship but whatever...they did well."

Joey spoke to Entertainment Weekly about the struggles of having millions of people know about her personal life.

She said: "In this world, everyone wants to know your business and what you're doing,"

"I've publicly gone through some things, privately gone through some things, it's all about finding your balance, finding what makes you comfortable."

"And it can be brutal, but you know happy endings do come to those who are patient."

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Jacob, who is rumoured to be dating his Euphoria co-star Zendaya, said it initially 'bothered' him people were so invested in his dating life, but he tries to not pay attention to it, as it has 'no affect' on his life.

He said: "Imagine the store around the corner from where you are now. Whatever people are talking about is not your business, it's kind of how it feels."

"Unfortunately, it just has my name involved in it but it literally has nothing to do with me. It just doesn't affect the trajectory of my life. So I just kind of ignore it."

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