Bridgerton Is Officially Neflix's Biggest Show Ever

28 January 2021, 15:01

'Bridgerton' has officially smashed records and is Netflix's biggest hit show to date as over 80 million households worldwide streamed it in the first month.

Bridgerton is officially Netflix's biggest hit ever after it smashed viewing figures in its first month of release in 2021 and the whole cast is celebrating.

The streaming site announced the racy Regency show had out performed everything, saying, "82 million households around the world chose to watch Bridgerton in its first 28 days" sealing its fate as the streaming site's most successful show to date.

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Bridgerton is officially Netflix's biggest series ever
Bridgerton is officially Netflix's biggest series ever. Picture: Netflix/ Bridgerton

These figures even outperformed their predicted figures for the show they announced ten days after it launched which was 63 million.

For the Grey's Anatomy fans among us, you will know the show was created by the genius that is, Shonda Rhimes, and the show is helping to break down the myth that 'male' aimed shows make more money.

Obviously, there's the added bonus (for Netflix, definitely not for us) that literally everyone is housebound and watching TV has become one of the only 'activities' available.

To celebrate, Netflix released some very smiley photos of the cast back from when they filmed the show, saying: "Bridgerton is officially our biggest series ever!"

"Here's our cast looking extremely happy about it."

'Bridgerton' cast are ecstatic to have the biggest ever series
'Bridgerton' cast are ecstatic to have the biggest ever series. Picture: Netflix/ Bridgerton

Regé-Jean Page, who plays the hunky Simon Basset, Duke of Hastings, tweeted the jaw dropping stats and thanked everyone for tuning in.

He wrote: "82 million. With love. From all of us. To all of you."

All we have to say to him is, no, thank you.

Unsurprisingly, the streaming giant has already renewed the show for a second series which is due to start production this spring, so we won't be getting our second dose for quite some time yet!

In the meantime, why not check out all the hilarious modern day objects that were accidentally left in loads of shots, lord do we love a blooper.

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