Netflix You Fans Are Totally Obsessed With Shay Mitchell As Peach Salinger

11 January 2019, 15:20 | Updated: 6 February 2019, 12:28

Shay Mitchell played Peach in Netflix's You.
Shay Mitchell played Peach in Netflix's You. Picture: Instagram

But loyal Shay Mitchell fans will know her as Emily Fields from Pretty Little Liars.

SPOILER ALERT: Unless you’ve been living under a rock, Netflix’s 10-part series You is at the tip of everyone’s tongue.

It's a compelling, unsettling drama starring the famous Penn Badgley known for his role on Gossip Girl and people are absolutely loving it.

The series is simple, Penn's character, Joe Goldberg, a charming bookstore owner, meets Guinevere Beck or just Beck, an aspiring writer, and immediately falls for her. He then starts to stalk her, and he will go to any lengths to be with her. We’re talking any!

Netflix’s 'You' Has A Different Ending To The Book And Here's Why

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Oh, you’ll love Peach. She’s sweet as hell.

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There's one character that doesn’t love Joe and that is Peach Salinger played by Shay Mitchell.

She’s beautiful, brilliant, and Emily Fields from Pretty Little Liars. Old fans aren’t letting the newbs forget that, and it all started with this tweet:

Fans jumped to the actress's defense with one saying: “she did not survive years of harassment from A to get called 'the chick who played Peach' Shay Mitchell is a QUEEN, next.”

Another commented: “My good sis did not play Emily Fields on Pretty Little Liars to be forgotten like this”

Nothing’s been confirmed yet but we’re hoping Beck’s bestie will return in much needed flashback scenes.

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