Netflix’s 'You' Has A Different Ending To The Book And Here's Why

9 January 2019, 16:50

Netflix’s 'You' and the original book have two different endings.
Netflix’s 'You' and the original book have two different endings. Picture: Netflix

Netflix’s 'You' and Caroline Kepnes 'You' have one huge difference.

Lovers of Caroline Kepnes bestselling novel You would have noticed a big difference in Netflix’s 10-part adaptation.

SPOILER ALERT - If you haven’t watched it yet, we suggest you click off this article now.

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Jumping straight to the point, in the novel Joe actually murdered Candace.

However, as you know, the Netflix series revealed in the last episode that Joe Goldberg’s alleged victim is actually alive.


Speaking about the series' shock ending, Sera Gamble told the Hollywood Reporter their decision was all about creating something “more surprising”.

"We knew we were going to start flashing back to Candace, as Caroline does in the book," she explained. “We just wanted to do something more surprising.”.


The show deliberately leads viewers to think Joe had killed his ex-girlfriend. Considering he killed Benji and Peach, it was pretty convincing.

But why? Second season of course.

Gamble added: “There's a lot of great material in the second book that we're gonna do”

According to reports, we should be getting the new series in September!

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