The Society Creator Teases Season 2 After Netflix Cancelled Show On Huge Cliffhanger

29 May 2024, 10:36

The Society creator teases season 2 after Netflix abruptly cancelled show
The Society creator teases season 2 after Netflix abruptly cancelled show. Picture: Netflix
Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

Netflix renewed The Society for season 2, but cancelled it in 2020 just before cameras were due to start rolling.

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Good news if you're still hung up about Netflix's The Society being cancelled after that absolutely insane cliffhanger ending... the creator is having "consistent conversations" about bringing season 2 back to our screens.

Billed as a modern day Lord of the Flies meets Pretty Little Liars (with a lil' sprinkling of Lost), the teen drama series followed a group of teenagers who return home after a cancelled school trip to find everyone else in their town gone. Parents, siblings, teachers... literally vanished into thin air. Are they dead? Are they in a parallel universe? What's going on?!

Despite having been renewed for a second season, The Society was abruptly cancelled by Netflix back in 2020 "due to circumstances created by Covid." Season 2 was in the final stages of pre-production, with the cast ready to return to filming in March. But after delays due to lockdowns and safety precautions, it was then scrapped completely.

Since then, creator Chris Keyser has spoken multiple times about one day bringing the show back in some form or another due to overwhelming fan demand. In a new interview with Variety, it sounds like he's still hoping to finally make that a reality...

The Society starred Kathryn Newton as Allie
The Society starred Kathryn Newton as Allie. Picture: Netflix

Speaking to Variety, Chris Keyser explained that The Society's cancellation "wasn’t a normal cancellation", and that it wasn't actually the result of not meeting Netflix's viewership thresholds at all. "There was a global crisis that changed all of our lives in the one year we were able to make it," he said.

Back in 2020, shortly after the show was scrapped by Netflix, Keyser revealed his plans to one day "share the continuing story of New Ham".

In his latest Variety interview, Keyser revealed that he and his creative partners almost released a graphic novel that would have detailed season 2's proposed plot and the answers to all those cliffhangers fans were left with at the end of season 1... but the publisher went out of business. (Talk about bad luck!)

Thankfully, however, the writing crew is still figuring out how to continue the story in a new way.

Kathryn Newton and Gideon Adlon comment on The Society being cancelled by Netflix

Since season 1 aired, a couple of The Society cast members have gone on to have huge career success in Hollywood. Kathryn Newton is now Cassie Lang in the MCU with a whole host of other credits under her belt. Olivia DeJonge played Priscilla Presley opposite Austin Butler in Baz Luhrmann's Elvis.

Getting the full cast together for a brand new season might prove incredibly difficult, but there's still room for the story to return.

"I have consistent conversations with a bunch of the writers and Marc Webb about how we might bring this back in some way," Keyser continued. "We don’t have an answer yet, and I wouldn’t count on it, but I don’t do that with every show that gets canceled."

"The audience still wants to talk about it. They are still moved by it and want answers to the questions and then new questions are posed. I just don’t know whether the world is going to work in a way that aligns for us, but we’ll keep trying for a while because it’s gotten under my skin as well," he continued.

I don't know about you but I need to know a) who the father of Becca's baby is, and b) who killed [spoiler] ASAP!

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