Who killed Cassandra in 'The Society’? The real killer is probably not who you think it is

11 May 2019, 09:40

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

One of the main storylines in Netflix's 'The Society' revolves around who killed Cassandra...

The Society has left one question on Netflix viewers lips. Who shot Cassandra? Was it Dewey, was it Harry, was it Allie?

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Set in the fictional town of West Ham, The Society tells the compelling story of a group of teenagers who return home from a school trip only to find out that the rest of the town has gone missing. Not only that but West Ham is now surrounded by forest and the group are unable to escape. Confident teenager Cassandra (Rachel Keller) quickly takes charge but in episode 3, she is shot dead and it doesn't take long before a main suspect comes forward. Did they really kill her though?

Who shot Cassandra in 'The Society' on Netflix?

Who shot Cassandra in The Society? Was it actually Dewey?
Who shot Cassandra in The Society? Was it actually Dewey? Picture: Netflix

Following the shock murder of Cassandra, West Ham is sent into chaos. Cassandra's sister Allie (Kathryn Newton) goes into mourning. Meanwhile, many of her acquaintances begin to fear for their lives. Intelligent wizkid Gordie becomes hellbent on figuring out who killed her though. He persuades Allie to take on Cassandra's leadership role. They then confiscate guns in the town and Gordie searches for one whose bullets match the ones which killed Cassandra.

In episode 5, Greg Dewey, an awkward teenager who lives in Harry's house, confesses to Harry that he shot Cassandra. He says: "Someone had to teach that cunt who's boss. I finally got you some peace and quiet like you wanted." Scared, Harry tells Gordie, who informs Allie and the others. Luke, Grizz, Clark and Jason then search Dewey's room and find a gun and, sure enough, the bullets are a match. The boys then lock Harry in a wine cellar.

Later, the town holds a court hearing to find out if Dewey actually did it. The jury find him guilty. Dewey says: "Cassandra was a fucking bitch, so are all the women here." He adds: "Fucking bitches who won't give us the time of day who think we owe them everything. I killed Cassandra for everyone because she had it coming, because the night we were all at prom, we were at Harry's house and he said "he wished she were dead".

Dewey also says: "Campbell helped me plan it. He was there." Allie arrests Campbell but considering that there's no actual evidence against him, she sets him free. She decides to execute Dewey though. He begs for his life and wets himself but, together with Luke and Jason, she shoots him. Still, seeing as we never actually see who shot Cassandra, there's still a chance that he didn't kill her.

In fact, there's actually huge evidence that someone else did it.

Who shot Cassandra if it wasn't Dewey?

Did Dewey shoot Cassandra in 'The Society'? Was it Allie's mum?
Did Dewey shoot Cassandra in 'The Society'? Was it Allie's mum? Picture: Netflix

Of all the characters, Campbell seems most likely but he was literally having sex with Elle when the shooting happened. He could have orchestrated it though? Otherwise, Lexie is a potential suspect, simply because she clearly wants to take over the town herself. In terms of the main characters, there doesn't seem to be a good reason why anyone else would have wanted to kill Cassandra.

Given how season 1 ends though, there's another suspect. In episode 10, we see a mysterious blonde woman in the real West Ham reading to children in the school library next to a board memorialising all of the characters in The Society. It looks like all the teens in New Ham may be dead (in hell?) but what if they are in some sort of experiment set up by their parents and the government?

Eagle eyed fans of the show will notice that the mysterious woman is actually Allie and Cassandra's mum who waves them off in Episode 1. Not only that but she is the owner of the dog who strangely appears in New Ham right before Cassandra is killed. If that weren't enough, you can hear heels approach Cassandra before she is killed and she looks very shocked by who kills her.

Why Allie and Cassandra's mum (Amanda), would shoot her own daughter is completely unclear. Was she disrupting the experiment the children are in? Is she just evil? Is it a mix of both? We have no idea but we're pretty sure that she did it.

Who do you think shot Cassandra?