Million Dollar Beach House: When Does The Luxury Hamptons Real Estate Show Start On Netflix?

27 August 2020, 12:30 | Updated: 27 August 2020, 13:09

'Million Dollar Beach House' is coming to Netflix to fill the 'Selling Sunset' shaped hole in our lives, so when is it released, who is in the cast and where are the houses they are selling?

Million Dollar Beach House is the latest luxury real estate show coming to Netflix give viewers their next dose of luxury real estate and drama now we've all caught up with series 3 of Selling Sunset, and the trailer has us so excited for it to drop.

So, when will the show be released on Netflix, where are the mansion being sold this time, and who is in the cast?

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'Million Dollar Listing' sees real estate agents battle it out in the Hamptons
'Million Dollar Listing' sees real estate agents battle it out in the Hamptons. Picture: Netflix/ Million Dollar Listing

What is Million Dollar Beach House about?

Million Dollar Beach House, not to get confused with the Bravo real estate show, Million Dollar Listing, is a Netflix original real estate reality show, much like Selling Sunset, no doubt cashing in on viewers insatiable appetite for this genre after the success of Christine Quinn and co.

The Netflix synopsis describes it as follows: "In the swanky, exclusive Hamptons in New York, the driven real estate agents of Nest Seekers chase multimillion-dollar deals and court drama."

The trailer reveals arguments, feuds, pressures and a serious appetite for financial security- which these enormous commissions will no doubt bring.

Million Dollar Listing Beach House is coming to Netflix
Million Dollar Listing Beach House is coming to Netflix. Picture: Netflix/ Million Dollar Listing Beach House

When is Million Dollar Beach House on Netflix?

Million Dollar Listing will be hitting the streaming site on August 26th, so thankfully, not even a month will have passed since the last series of Selling Sunset was released, phew!

It will be just one series that drops, with hopes for more if it is successful.

Where is the real estate being sold on Million Dollar Beach House?

As we know, The Oppenheim group have a stronghold on the LA Sunset Strip, so unsurprisingly, Million Dollar Beach House is in a completely different location, concentrating on the super wealthy area of The Hamptons.

The Hamptons is a seaside area on the East Coast, outside of New York, known for wealthy city residents to escape to their second homes, especially in the summer, with mansions often hosting swanky parties and is home to plenty of celebrities.

The houses are giant and the clients are wealthy- which sounds exactly like what people will be wanting to see!

Who are the cast of Million Dollar Beach House?

There are no well-known names, and there's no cross over between agents and brokers of Selling Sunset, so the cast, for now, remain pretty anonymous until the show drops on the platform by which time they'll no doubt be overnight celebrities!

Praying for another Christine Quinn!

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