Kissing Booth Star Joey King 'Set To Play' Assassin Alongside Brad Pitt in 'Bullet Train'

5 August 2020, 15:55 | Updated: 5 August 2020, 16:00

Kissing Booth star Joey King cast alongside Brad Pitt
Kissing Booth star Joey King cast alongside Brad Pitt. Picture: PA Images

'The Kissing Booth's' Joey King has been cast alongside Hollywood royalty, Brad Pitt, in 'Bullet Train' so when will it be released and what is it about?

The Kissing Booth actress Joey King's career is going from strength to strength as she's in talks to star alongside Brad Pitt in upcoming action-thriller Bullet Train and her fans are loving seeing the 21-year-old killing it in the industry!

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The film is based on the Japanese novel 'Maria Beetle' by best-selling author Kotaro Isakasees and sees a 'handful of assassins ending up on the same train with seemingly disconnected (but potentially connected) missions'.

Although there isn't a whole lot more information about the upcoming flick right now, production is said to be starting shortly, so it could be a 2021 or 2022 release- and it will be Joey's first 'action' role in her long career.

Joey, who started acting as a young child, has been nominated for an Emmy for her role of Gypsy in The Act, and the second instalment of The Kissing Booth recently hit Netflix and has gone down a storm with fans who have been desperate for the second movie since the first was released in 2018.

Fans are loving seeing their favourite star do so well, with one writing on Twitter: "Joey King will be on a movie together with Brad Pitt? AS AN ASSASSIN?"

"THE KISSING BOOTH franchise just keeps on winning, don't they?"

Another said: "I’m so excited for this team-up #BradPitt & #JoeyKing...This is huge... I always believe for Joey’s talent. She is so remarkable in every role. She’s really born for this profession. Yassss! I can’t wait."

Another simply said: "Joey King being cast in a movie with Brad Pitt. Now that's big d*ck energy."

Having amassed a seriously loyal fanbase through the years and the huge success of TKB, there are so many people eagerly awaiting her big screen role, and let's be honest, acting alongside Brad Pitt is absolutely iconic!

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