Love Island Australia Kim: 5 Things You Need To Know About Kim Hartnett

17 June 2020, 11:10 | Updated: 17 June 2020, 16:10

Love Island Australia: Kim Hartnett
Love Island Australia: Kim Hartnett. Picture: ITV2 / Kim Hartnett/Instagram

Kim Hartnett was just one of the Love Island Australia bombshells in series one.

Love Island Australia fans saw the arrival of Kim Hartnett on day two of villa life, turning the boys’ – and the entire cast's – heads as she picked two to go on a date with.

Kim was a hairdresser before she entered the show, but her life following reality TV fame is very different.

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Here’s a few things you need to know about Love Island Australia bombshell Kim…

Kim Hartnett’s age – how old is she?

Kim is 24 years old, meaning she was 22 years old when she took part in Love Island Australia season one in 2018.

Kim Hartnett has a son

Love Island's Kim has a son
Love Island's Kim has a son. Picture: Kim hartnett/Instagram

Kim has a son, Braxton, who is five years old now and was three when his mum rose to fame in the villa.

The reality TV star occasionally shares pictures of the little one on Instagram and often matches their outfits for adorable selfies.

Kim was with Braxton’s dad, Jamie White, for four years before they split some time after the birth of their son.

However, they remain amicable and co-parent their son.

What does Kim Hartnett do now?

Kim Hartnett is now an influencer
Kim Hartnett is now an influencer. Picture: Kim Hartnett/Instagram

Kim has racked up over 270k followers on Instagram (@kimhartnett_) since appearing on prime time TV, using her platform to become an influencer and YouTube vlogger.

Does Kim Hartnett have a boyfriend?

In a YouTube video uploaded in March Kim said she’s currently single.

“I’m as single as you can get. My love life is shocking,” she confessed.

What Kim Hartnett has said about her time on Love Island Australia

Kim ruffled feathers on Love Island Australia
Kim ruffled feathers on Love Island Australia. Picture: ITV/YouTube

Addressing her villa experience on YouTube, Kim said: “I’d literally just come out of a four year relationship and when the producers asked me if I was looking for love, I said ‘absolutely not’.

“None of the guys on the show were my type - they were all lovely just not for me. My [time] was alright, but I wouldn’t do it again.”

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