Will Normal People Have A Second Series? Sequel Rumours So Far

4 May 2020, 12:12 | Updated: 4 May 2020, 12:16

Will Normal People have a second series?
Will Normal People have a second series? Picture: Hulu/BBC Normal People/ Getty Images

Normal People hit our screens after the hugely successful Sally Rooney book was adapted, so will there be a second series or sequel?

Normal People has officially taken over everyone's lives, with the intense love story between Connell and Marianne hitting our screens in an addictive twelve part series people have binged during lockdown.

And now, they want more, already asking if there'll be a second series.

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We've got both good and bad news about the possibility of a second series of the adapted novel by Sally Rooney, so get ready to either love us or hate us.

Paul Mescal plays Connell in Sally Rooney's 'Normal People'
Paul Mescal plays Connell in Sally Rooney's 'Normal People'. Picture: Hulu/ Normal People

Normal People was taken to the screen after Irish author Sally Rooney's enormous success with the novel released in 2018, which was unfortunately a stand alone book with no others currently released continuing the story of Connell and Marianne's love.

However, although it's unlikely there won't be a sequel to the series, unless she gives the go-ahead for a TV written series or writes a sequel, Sally has written another novel – her hugely successful debut, Conversations With Friends, (2017), which features entirely different characters and plot.

Hey, what with it being a lockdown and everything, we can seriously recommend reading the good old fashioned book version of each, they're amazing!

Watch the trailer for the new Normal People adaptation

In the meantime, if you need to fill the giant Normal People shaped hole in your life, the full soundtrack to the series can be found here, which has been praised almost as much as the series itself.

You can also nosey through everything about the actor behind playing Connell, Paul Mescal, who made his TV breakthrough in the series and has made a very big impact on a lot of people!

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