Game Of Thrones Fans Panic As Sophie Turner Posts 'Spoiler' On Instagram

16 April 2019, 11:21

Sophie Turner posts 'spoiler' about Game Of Thrones final series
Sophie Turner posts 'spoiler' about Game Of Thrones final series. Picture: HBO Game Of Thrones

Sophie Turner sent GoT fans into a frenzy when she posted what appeared to be a major spoiler from the final series of the show.

Game Of Thrones star Sophie Turner, AKA Sansa Stark just gave everything the shock of their life that she'd dropped a major spoiler about the final series by uploading a photo of her character looking, well, dead (no offence Sophie, we love you).

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The 23-year-old posted a snap of herself with her eyes closed and mouth open with (once again, no offence Soph), dark circles around her eyes, with fans of the HBO series thinking she'd just let slip that Sansa Stark dies in series 8.

Instagram users flooded her comments asking if this meant that Sansa is about to meet a sinister end, with one user writing: "Girl if this is a pic of you dead on set I’m blocking you! Don’t play with me" and another warning: "This better be “asleep” and not Sansa dead... I can’t handle this."

She had, in fact, just posted a photo of her asleep on set, with the cast having revealed in interviews the gruelling hours that went into filming, including a final battle scene that took 55 days to film (at night!).

This scene smashed it's own previously held record of longest scene filmed for Battle Of The Bastards, so the fact Sophie is asleep is actually very unsurprising.

Sophie's clearly taken inspiration from BFF and co-star Maisie Williams, AKA Arya Stark, who acted out a seriously believable scene with Jimmy Fallon where she pretended she let slip that she dies and continued on to have an on-stage meltdown.

Great acting all round guys, but please, no spoilers.

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