The Ending Of Florence Pugh's 'The Wonder' Explained

18 November 2022, 17:12

Florence Pugh attends Venice International Film Festival

By Kathryn Knight

Florence Pugh's 'The Wonder' is all anyone can talk about and the ending is unexpected to say the least.

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*This article contains mentions of child abuse*

The Wonder is Florence Pugh's latest movie to receive rave reviews from critics and film fanatics alike, following the story of an English nurse called Lib (Pugh) who must observe the infamous 'fasting girl', an 11-year-old who claims to have not eaten in four months.

The locals believe the child, Anna, is a religious phenomenon, but Lib begins to find out otherwise.

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Over two weeks, Lib must keep watch of Anna, who claims to be surviving on 'manna from heaven' while also finding out her dark past. The film's ending contains a twist no one saw coming, but what do the final scenes mean?

The Wonder ending explained

The Wonder on Netflix stars Florence Pugh
The Wonder on Netflix stars Florence Pugh. Picture: Netflix

Viewers soon figure out that Anna is receiving food from her mum, who passes it through her mouth when she kisses her.

During an emotional scene, Anna explains the reason she stopped eating is because she believes her late brother will be able to get into heaven rather than hell.

She calls their relationship 'double love', seeing herself as a wife as well as a sister, alluding to the fact she was abused.

Lib tries to help Anna by separating her from her family, but her condition worsens and she quickly becomes frail. The nurses tries to convince the council that the child is dying and that they must intervene, but the community want to keep the idea of a religious miracle alive.

The Wonder sees 11-year-old Anna 'fasting' for four months
The Wonder sees 11-year-old Anna 'fasting' for four months. Picture: Netflix
The community don't want to intervene with Anna
The community don't want to intervene with Anna. Picture: Netflix

At the end of the film Lib fakes Anna's death by asking the journalist she's befriended, Will, to take the child to Dublin before she sets her house on fire and tells the council the young girl died.

After arriving in England, Lib reunites with Will and Anna, who now goes by the name 'Nan' after believing she was reborn. The three of them pose as a family and flee to Sydney.

The ending pans away from the film's set and shows the studio itself, the same as the movie's opening. Narrator Niamh Algar is seen dressed in modern clothing to remind the audience that what they've watched is fiction, and it's up to them how they interpret the story, just as Lib chose to adopt Anna's version of reality in order to understand it.

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