'Dickinson' Is Renewed For Season 3- When Will It Be Released?

11 January 2021, 17:01

'Dickinson' renewed for a third series
'Dickinson' renewed for a third series. Picture: Dickinson/ Apple TV
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Hailee Steinfeld will be returning to the screen as Emily Dickinson as series 3 of 'Dickinson' is confirmed and fans wonder when it will be filmed and released.

As the second series of Dickinson has finally arrived to our TV screens and the good news just keeps coming as the show starring Hailee Steinfeld is renewed for a third season.

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The second season dropped on Friday, 8 January, and focuses on the life of famous poet, Emily Dickinson.

We now there will be a third series of the Apple TV show, only recently confirmed, so let's take a look at everything we know so far.

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When will Dickinson series 3 be released?

Seeing as series two just dropped, we shouldn't expect another series for quite some time- especially with the ongoing pandemic slowing and halting productions everywhere.

This is what we know, the show will return and it has already been written.

The show's creator Alena Smith told T&C about the process of writing series 3 during lockdown and how it affected the show

She said: "We were writing season three over the summer and fall in the pandemic, and I would say that that experience certainly came to bear on the writing of season three."

Alena continued: "[I] didn't know that when I started writing a show about Emily Dickinson that we'd be living through a situation that trapped everybody in their own houses."

Will Hailee Steinfeld be in Dickinson series 3?

The show's main character, played by Hailee Steinfeld will be returning for the third series- which is great news, because she's incredible in it!

Taylor Swift's 'Evermore' Dickinson theory

This doesn't technically have a lot to do with the third series, but it's just too good not to include.

As Taylor dropped her second surprise album of 2020, 'Evermore', fans were quick to notice the hints the record could be inspired by the poet.

Tay, who openly loves being cryptic and dropping clues to fans, announced the album on 10 December, which is also Emily's birthday.

Emily also ended one of her most iconic poems, 'One Sister Have I in Our House', with the word "forevermore," and Taylor also spoke about an idea for her album with "this girl sleepwalking through the forest in a nightgown in 1830", which happens to be the year Emily was born.

We're here for it, enough said, we're sold.

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