Brightburn Release Date And Trailer: ‘Superhero Gone Wrong' Movie Will Fill The Stranger Things Hole In Your Life

7 March 2019, 14:55

Brightburn is the 2019 movie everyone is already talking about ahead of its release date, as the new trailer has left us with goosebumps.

From the director of Guardians Of The Galaxy, David Yarovesky, Brightburn blends superhero comic book stories with the horror genre, filling that Stranger Things-shaped hole currently in your life.

Written by Mark and Brian Gunn and produced by James Gunn, Brightburn follows the story of a couple who adopted and raised a young boy named Brandon who crashed to earth as a young alien baby.

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The husband and wife – played by Elizabeth Banks and David Denman – at first presume their son is just being a typical moody teenager, until they find out he’s broken the hand of one of his fellow classmates.

Brightburn hits cinemas May 24th
Brightburn hits cinemas May 24th. Picture: Sony Pictures Entertainment

The story is similar to Superman, but instead of using his powers for good, the young boy looks set to cause all sorts of disruption and chaos to his town.

Somewhat darker than your average Marvel and comic book movies, Brightburn also sees Brandon discovering just how powerful he really is by putting his hand through a wood chipper and breaking the machine.

Brightburn will be released in cinemas across the UK on 24th May.

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