Bridgerton Review: 5 Reasons The Modern Period Drama Is An Absolute Must-Watch This Christmas

22 December 2020, 11:00 | Updated: 23 December 2020, 12:40

Bridgerton drops on Netflix on Christmas Day and it’s the series we’ve been counting down to for weeks – we've broken down our review in five reasons you should binge-watch as soon as it's available.

If period dramas aren’t usually your thing they’re about to be, because Bridgerton, with its cast of sensational young actors, colourful 1800's London location, and much-needed modern feminism themes are a refreshing addition to Netflix after weeks of binge-watching cheesy Christmas movies alone.

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The new Netflix series stars Regé-Jean Page, who we know we’re about to see a whole lot more of, TV star Phoebe Dynevor, Derry Girls’ Nicola Coughlan, and a heap of rising stars whose fabulous and hilarious characters make Bridgerton so addictive.

Bridgerton on Netflix is the modern period drama 2020 needs
Bridgerton on Netflix is the modern period drama 2020 needs. Picture: Netflix

To boot, legendary Julie Andrews narrates the mysterious Lady Whistledown’s weekly gossip columns and, though we don’t find out her true identity until the end, the secretive writer’s updates detail the high class families’ dramatic tales of wealth, love, and betrayal as the rich young ladies of West London are paired off with wealthy bachelors.

If you needed more of a reason to watch the classiest series to ever grace Netflix, we’ve broken down our review of Bridgerton

Bridgerton Review: 5 reasons you need to watch

Bridgerton drops on Netflix on Christmas Day
Bridgerton drops on Netflix on Christmas Day. Picture: Netflix

The theme of Bridgerton is the first of its kind

It may be set in 1800's London where wealth and class seemed the only thing that mattered, but the cast of Bridgerton is exactly what we want to see in 2020.

As well as a diverse cast, there are straight conversations about sex, and young adults shunning the expectations of society by going after what they really want.

Bridgerton is the series to binge this Christmas
Bridgerton is the series to binge this Christmas. Picture: Netflix

Bridgerton brings 2020 feminism attitudes to the 1800s

Claudia Jessie’s character Eloise is the pioneer of feminism in Bridgerton, constantly questioning why she, her best friend Penelope, and her sisters need to be married off so young.

Instead she has goals of her own and isn’t fazed at all by the goings on in Grosvenor Square.

There’s also a spectacular scene where Daphne shows off an epic right hook, proving she can handle her own issues.

Bridgerton is being dubbed the 'Old English' Gossip Girl
Bridgerton is being dubbed the 'Old English' Gossip Girl. Picture: Netflix

Bridgerton is quite literally Gossip Girl but in old English

Gossip Girl fans might watch the trailer for Bridgerton and wonder where 18th century Blair Waldorf is, but it’s Lady Whistledown’s sassy column making the scandals go viral in an oh so Georgian way.

Also, Daphne is pretty much Serena Van Der Woodson in a ballgown.

The soundtrack is filled with pop bangers, seriously

As you get stuck into numerous episodes of Bridgerton on Christmas Day, you’ll quickly notice your favourite pop songs making an appearance.

The high society folk dance to songs such as ’Thank U, Next’ by Ariana Grande and ‘Written in My Blood’ by Shawn Mendes – so make sure you listen closely!

We told you this was the most modern period drama ever.

Phoebe Dynover is one of the stars of Bridgerton
Phoebe Dynover is one of the stars of Bridgerton. Picture: Netflix

Phoebe Dyenover’s character Daphne Bridgerton has a wardrobe that’ll have you longing for simpler times

Phoebe, who has starred in Waterloo Road, Snatch, and Younger, plays the eager-to-please, yet feisty, Daphne.

As well as a no-nonsense attitude as she makes her debut into society, Daphne has an elegant wardrobe we spent the whole series lusting over for our 18th century selves.

As a matter of fact, why haven't ballgowns made a comeback yet!?

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