Bridgerton Star Regé-Jean Page Explains Exactly How Those Intimate Sex Scenes Are Filmed And It’s Not As Awkward As It Sounds

25 December 2020, 14:00

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Bridgerton is a series on love, scandal and betrayal, with some pretty intimate sex scenes scattered throughout.

We spoke to Bridgerton stars Regé-Jean Page, who plays Simon, and Phoebe Dynevor, aka Daphne, ahead of the Netflix series’ launch and of course we had to quiz them on just how they get through those intimate sex scenes.

There are no spoilers here, but if you’re mid-way through the most modern period drama ever or finished Bridgerton already you’ll know just how many steamy moments there are.

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But Simon actor Regé assured those x-rated moments are all scripted in a physical way, with instructions on hand in the same way their normal script is.

Regé-Jean Page detailed how the sex scenes in Bridgerton are filmed
Regé-Jean Page detailed how the sex scenes in Bridgerton are filmed. Picture: Netflix

That’s right, every move is carefully crafted to give the actors a bit more guidance when it comes to sex scenes.

He told us: “They’re scripted like everything else. Everything is communication – if you’re violent with your words, if you’re violent with your fists it’s the same thing, you make a plan.

“You work out what the movements are going to be so that everyone knows what’s going down and they then freeze you as actors to then express yourself through that and make sure the scene is developing the characters, it’s changing both of the characters and achieving something.”

Bridgerton is available on Netflix from Christmas Day
Bridgerton is available on Netflix from Christmas Day. Picture: Netflix

He said the same goes for fight scenes, adding: “If you’re talking - there’s a script, if it’s an intimate scene – there’s a physical script, they all work very similarly in that way.”

The breakdown of every moment also ensures the pressure is taken off of the actors.

Bridgerton is available to watch on Netflix now.

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