Every Song From The 'After Ever Happy' Soundtrack

13 September 2022, 17:30

After Ever Happy has a romantic soundtrack
After Ever Happy has a romantic soundtrack. Picture: Voltage Pictures
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After Ever Happy's soundtrack is as romantic and dramatic as we'd expected, here's a list of the songs which feature...

After Ever Happy, starring Josephine Langford and Hero Fiennes Tiffin, is the fourth movie in the franchise and continues Tessa and Hardin's love story after she suffers a personal tragedy and he faces a truth from his past.

The backdrop to their turbulent journey is a stunning original score by composer George Kallis, who also composed the soundtrack to After We Fell.

Kallis' music plays during some of the film's most tense scenes, starting with the moment Hardin discovers something that will change his identity completely.

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But there's also a soundtrack of songs you'll be very familiar with to accompany Tessa and Hardin's romantic moments, as well as all their heartache.

Josephine Langford and Hero Fiennes Tiffin
Josephine Langford and Hero Fiennes Tiffin. Picture: Getty
After Ever Happy's original score is composed by George Kallis
After Ever Happy's original score is composed by George Kallis. Picture: Voltage Pictures

The soundtrack to After Ever Happy

  • 'This is the End' – FJORA
  • 'Can’t Get Enough' – Kat Leon
  • 'We Are Family' – Sister Sledge
  • 'Bargain Flights' – J. Ember
  • 'Tonight' – Alaina Castillo
  • 'Holding On To You' – Adam French
  • 'Get Free' – Daemon
  • 'Thrilla' – Joseph Wesley
  • 'Same Energy' – Che Lingo
  • 'Broken' – Jonah Kagen
  • 'Homing' – Yoke Lore
  • 'Lovers' – Anna Of The North
  • 'Shampoo' – CARR
  • 'Every Colour' – Luca Fogale
  • 'Wicker Goat Tavern' – Sword Coast Soundscapes
  • 'Only Everything' – Quinn Lewis
  • 'I’ll Make You Love Me' – Kat Leon
  • 'Only' – RY X
  • 'Can We' – Jim-E Stack feat. Kacy Hill
  • 'Self(less)' – Taylor Conrod
  • 'Cuff Your Jeans' – Claud

After Ever Happy will be available to stream on Amazon Prime Video on 23 September.

The first film is available to watch on Netflix whilst the second and third are currently on Amazon Prime.

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