WATCH: Spider-Man's Tom Holland Smashed His Lip Sync Battle As Rihanna & We Legit Can't Get Enough

4 July 2017, 17:44 | Updated: 4 December 2017, 11:10

Could this be the best Lip Sync Battle performance ever?!

Every now and then someone comes along with a live performance that changes the face of music forever. Sadly Tom Holland's Lip Sync Battle isn't one of those, but it is seriously amazing!

Taking to the stage as a certain Rihanna, the Spiderman actor dominated the stage dressed in RiRi's classic french maid-style outfit and owned his performance of classic hit 'Umbrella'.

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From the word go, Tom's sass levels are on 100 and he doesn't let up for a single second during the whole thing - we've really gotta take our hat off to him for his incredible dedication to the performance!

Spins, kicks and ALL the moves whilst being 'rained on'...that's what we call a winning performance Tom.

Of course fans were blown away by the sheer genius of Mr Holland and they took to Twitter to tell the world abut it...





Even Tom's Spiderman co-star and Lip Sync Battle rival Zendaya looked speechless by just how great he was. At least if he ever decides to embark on a music career, you know his tour is gonna be epic!

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