We Finally Know What Those Green Lines Of 'Code' In The Matrix Mean & Now Everything Is A Lie

28 December 2017, 15:47

The Matrix Code

Well there's another award winning film ruined. Great.

We've all seen The Matrix. If you haven't, then you deffo know what it is at least.

The 1999 film starring Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburne and Carrie-Anne Moss won 4 Oscars and basically changed the movie industry forever.

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One set of things that are a big part of The Matrix are the numerous lines of green code that fall from the sky during the titles. It's a sci-fi nod to an alternate reality, suggesting that the Matrix is made of computer code. But what we've just learned about it has ruined our lives forever.

(GIF: Giphy)

According to Simon Whiteley, the Production Designer who worked on all three of The Marix films, there is more to that green lettering than meets the eye.

In an interview with CNet, the movie maker revealed, ‘I like to tell everybody that The Matrix’s code is made out of Japanese sushi recipes. Without that code, there is no Matrix.’

Simon went on to explain that the code we see is not some genius piece of sci-fi history, but instead is simply Japanese characters from his wife's sushi cookery book!

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Well there goes that little piece of magic.

Thanks Simon!

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