Prepare To Feel Ancient, As You Realise These Songs, Films And Tech Are All Ten Years Old RN

11 September 2017, 00:00 | Updated: 4 December 2017, 11:10

10 Year Old Items

Well, we did NOT expect that.

Remember when you were listening to 'Crank That' by Soulja Boy? It feels like yesterday, doesn't it? The only thing is... It was actually a whopping ten years ago. We know - we feel old too!

And we know we've hit you right in the nostalgia; you wanna get your hands on all your old games and MP3s again - luckily, you can find all of this over on eBay.

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But seriously - can you believe these are a decade old?

'Umbrella' - Rihanna feat. Jay Z

We literally know all of the words. We can imagine the choreography, scene-by-scene. And don't even get us started on what we sing as soon as someone shouts for their mate Ella. And to think, you were probably listening to this through your phone's tinny speakers on the back of the school bus.


Where would you be without Steve Jobs' invention? Literally, where would you be?! Probably lost if it wasn't for the Google Maps app on your iPhone. Heck, chances are you're reading this on your iPhone. And it's been in your hand for the past 3,650 days.

iPhonePic: iStock

'The Big Bang Theory'

Can you remember what you ate ten years ago? Nope. Can you remember what you drank ten years ago? No way. But you can remember every single lyric to the comedy's anthem that is 'Warm Kitty'. We're not gonna lie - we'll still be sat back, watching this on our TVs for another ten years.

The Big Bang TheoryPic: iTunes

Windows Vista

Anyone who has had a computer has operated on Windows Vista. It's nerdy as, but everyone knows where they were when they first saw their desktop transform from a clunky mess to a sleek, sexy display. We really need to get out more, don't we?


Jonah who? Emma whatsherface? Seth whatchamacallit? Ten years ago, we didn't have a clue who any of these people were (Hill, Stone and Rogen, respectively). But now they're major A-listers, whose DVDs we whack on every. damn. night. And if you've never referred to yourself as McLovin', you're doing it wrong.

Nintendo Wii

You walk into the living room only to see you're mum grunting and flailing in front of the TV. Either a wasp has just flown into the living room, or she's playing on the game console that really outsold its competition. Ten years on, and we're still longing to play that tennis game.

Nintendo Wii ControllerPic: iStock

'Beautiful Girls' - Sean Kingston

Ask ten people what the first song they bought on iTunes was. At least nine of those will say Sean Kingston's 'Beautiful Girls'. Whether it was blaring through your laptop speakers, or ramped up to full because it just came on the telly, try telling us you didn't dance to this. You can't, can you? You know you did.

Sean Kingston - 'Beautiful Girls'Pic: iTunes


These video games have had critical acclaim for years; including the recent 'BioShock Infinite' which came out in 2013. But it all started way back in 2007, when you were sat in front of your Xbox 360, shooting your way through each level. Or, if you're like us, probably watching someone else play, 'cause you were too scared.

Nikon Coolpix S51c

Before we had any of this flash ability to take selfies with the touch of a button on our phone, we had to - yes - use an actual camera. Luckily, the Nikon Coolpix was hella sexy, and could even connect to the WiFi, so you could upload those dope duck pouts onto Facebook and just watch the likes roll on it.

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