T-Pain’s Revealed The Real Lyrics To His Hit Songs & It’s Literally Crushed All Our Childhood Dreams

30 November 2017, 14:56 | Updated: 4 December 2017, 11:10

T-Pain performing

Everything we've known has been a lie.

Everything you’ve ever known has been a lie, you might as well start your life over again.

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It all started on Wednesday when we were getting on with our days then along came T-Pain who felt the need to rewrite everything we thought we’d ever known about his lyrics.

The autotune god has given us hundreds of bangers over the years including tunes like 'Church', 'Buy You A Drank', 'Bartender' and 'I’m Sprung', tunes we’ve belted from the top of our lungs unapologetically so you can imagine the our faces when T-Pain revealed that we had been singing words from two of his songs wrong. 

His first tweet about 'Buy You A Drank' read: “It’s “and then” not “ooh wee” but really it’s whatever you want it to be just enjoy the song however you hear it. I just appreciate you listening. #BuyUADrank #THANX.”

And this had the internet in pieces with feelings ranging from confusion, to denial to utter disbelief. 

And as if that wasn’t enough for the day, T-Pain threw the spanner in the works when he cleared up the ‘All I Do Is Win’ lyrics. Turns out most of us have been been singing the chorus wrong.  

After all this we honestly need a minute to take it all in. This tweet is our mood exactly.

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