Watch This Student Refuse To Sit Down On A Plane To Stop A Man Being Deported To Afghanistan

25 July 2018, 11:12

Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

Elin Ersson is being called a "hero" for her actions to save the man from deportation.

A video of a Swedish student is going viral after she stopped the plane from taking off in order to prevent a man who was on the same flight as her from being deported to Afghanistan.

Elin Ersson, 22, is a student activist from Gothenburg University in Sweden. According to the Daily Mail, she purchased a ticket from Gothenburg to Istanbul, where the man who was being deported was due to change flights to fly on to Kabul.

Elin Ersson
Picture: Elin Ersson

Once Elin realised the man was being deported, she refused to sit down, knowing that the plane would be unable to take off unless everyone is seated. She then took out her phone and streamed what happened on the plane.

In the video, she explains how the man "will most likely get killed" if he's deported. She also filmed a confrontation with an angry English passenger who tries to takeaway her phone, to which she responds: "What is more important, a life, or your time?"  

Eventually, the man being deported is taken off the flight, as is Elin. She is then applauded by her follow passengers for her bravery.

According to the Daily Mail, Swedish authorities have since said the Afghan man will still be deported, although a date has not been set. They also claim the activist could face up to six months in prison for refusing to obey police orders.

The internet is calling Elin a hero for her actions.