There's A Fan Theory That Zac Efron Is The Son Of A 'Stranger Things' Character & It Makes SO Much Sense

31 October 2017, 13:41 | Updated: 4 December 2017, 11:10

Zac Efron Stranger Things 2

If the Stranger Things writers did this on purpose, we have even MORE love for the show.

Now we know there are a lot of fan theories flying around these days, but when one of them consists of both the hunkalicious Zac Efron and the best show around rn, we take notice.

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If you've seen the new series of the show you'll recognise this fine piece of 80s masculinity, Dacre Montgomery a.k.a Billy:



A post shared by Dacre Montgomery (@dacremontgomery) onSep 29, 2017 at 4:02am PDT

Ok, before you judge our taste in fellas...have you seen him out of character?! Let us enlighten you...

Well, it seems that fans have seen similarities between their 80s boytoy and all round perfect man Zac Efron because they've somehow conjured the thought that Zac might just be Billy's son. Take a look:

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Seems legit to us, the timeframe, the likeness. It's not just that guy who thinks it too. There are loads of tweets about Billy & Zac!

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