Stormzy Missed Out On A Once In A Lifetime Experience With Katy Perry & The Reason Is Too Funny

27 February 2017, 20:15 | Updated: 4 December 2017, 11:10

Stormzy in the Capital Studio with Roman 2

Stormzy might be one of the most hard working artists around at the moment but his luck isn't helping him out right now.

Stormzy is THE man. There's no two ways about it that he's got everything going for him right now, however when chatting to Roman about that magical night at the Brit Awards, it see he missed out on a once in a lifetime opportunity.

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The 'Big For Your Boots' rapper admitted that he 'missed out' on a chance to meet the lady herself...

"Big up Katy man - She was outside my dressing room, she took an Instagram pic (story) outside my dressing room and it was the most bittersweet thing ever because I was like, 'KP was at my dressing room - and we were in their just eating crisps, drinking coke and chatting rubbish' she probably even knocked too".

stormzy katy perry

All eyes were eventually on the #GSAP artist just a few hours later when he took to the stage with the man of the moment Ed Sheeran to perform a brand new version of Ed's 'Shape Of You'.

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It took Stormzy and Mr Sheeran just a couple of days to make a BIG impact on the chart after scoring the No.1 spot with the new remix knocking Ed's previous track 'How Would You Feel' off the top of the pile.

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