This Stormi Webster Theory May Prove Kylie Jenner’s Outsmarted Us All

9 February 2018, 15:39

Kylie Jenner Baby Theory

How would you feel if we told you that Kylie jenner's daughter has name that menas so much more than you first thought?

Now that Kylie Jenner has give birth to daughter Stormi, all the 'is she/isn't she?' pregnancy theories has been forgotten and the celebrity world feels semi back to normal.

However it turns out that fans are still coming up with new theories about Kylie and her newborn daughter because of one very good reason - her name.

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Ahead of the announcement, many people thought Ky and Travis would name their daughter Butterfly because they have matching butterfly tattoos, Travis' album being called 'Butterfly Effect' and a few other hints over the past few months.

But what if we told you that Stormi is actually a butterfly reference but no one actually realised - until now?

Some fans are claiming that the couple named their daughter Stormi as a nod to the butterfly effect, which suggests that a butterfly flapping its wings in Mexico can cause a storm in China.

It's a hugely popular scientific theory and one that many people are now suggesting Kylie and Travis named their daughter after.

So has Kylie actually given her daughter a name with one of the smartest hidden meanings we've ever seen or is it just a happy coincidence?

We'll let you decide for yourselves.

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