Made In Chelsea's Stephanie Pratt's Bank Account Got Hacked & She's Now Paying For Someone's Tuition Fees

4 January 2017, 12:16 | Updated: 4 December 2017, 11:10

Stephanie Pratt

We don't know whether this is hilarious or seriously unfortunate? Maybe a bit of both...

She may be a reality star, but it seems that even Stephanie Pratt isn’t immune to one of life’s worst annoyances - hackers. 

But, for a change, it actually wasn’t one of her social media channels that was targeted but rather her bank account. 

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Which, obviously, is far worse. 

The Made in Chelsea star took to Twitter to share the bad news and wrote, “Was just looking at my uk bank statement - evidently I’ve been paying for someone’s education! How lovely! #ffs”

However, she didn’t quite get the sympathy that she would’ve hoped for because her fans weren’t the most supportive, with many mocking her bad luck. 

One joked, “The very fact that you had to look at a statement to notice this makes me think that you’ll be fine”. 


Others took a different approach. 

Whilst others left it down to good ol’ British sarcasm to do the talking. 

Hope you get it all sorted soon, Steph!

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