You Can Now Break-Up With Someone Via Spotify, Just Like This - The Most Brutal Friendzoning Ever...

10 April 2017, 15:32 | Updated: 4 December 2017, 11:10

Spotify Break-Up Asset

Who says romance is dead, eh?

It's one thing to have someone dump you. It's another to be dumped via text. And it's ANOTHER to have the love of your life end your relationship via... Spotify.

As if break-ups weren't tricky enough; what with you crying into a tissue every six milliseconds, and eating copious amounts, you can now have a constant reminder of your loneliness on your favourite music streaming service.

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Wyatt, a young lad looking for love, took a girl out for a few dates and it didn't quite go as well as he thought. So his date - rather than simply unmatching with him on Tinder - simply made him a Spotify playlist, where the tunes wrote out a brutal break-up message.

With the likes of Ed Sheeran and James Arthur, in the playlist, the ten songs in the playlist said "Do You... Still Want To Kiss Me Because I Am Kinda Lovin Someone Else But We Can Still Be Friends".

Sure, that hurts, but you can't knock her creativity, plus Wyatt now has an excuse to listen to Ed's debut studio album '+', again.

Wyatt's seemingly got his own back with his own one-song playlist for Kirsten, with the only hit being 'STFU'. We, erm, we reckon that stands for "Sure. Two Fumbs Up!"

> We're Not Saying You Can Make Break-Up Playlists, But You Can Listen To Huge Tunes On Our App Right Here!

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