These Two University Students Who Met On Snapchat Are Legit The New Ross & Rachel

6 May 2016, 15:22 | Updated: 4 December 2017, 11:10

Snapchat story asset

Put the romcoms and ice-cream down for a moment, because this modern day love story is the real winner here.

If you cry everytime the Andrex puppy comes onto your TV, then prepare to blub because this love story is NEXT LEVEL ADORABLE. 

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In the modern world that we live in, social media and apps are one of the biggest ways to meet the love of your life. We’re talking Tinder, Match, there’s even been stories of people falling in love on Instagram. The latest one? Snapchat. 

Meet Abby Diamond.  


And meet Reed Bjork. 


Abby spotted Reed on Snapchat.  

She then proceeded to post a video to her uni’s campus story, telling Reed: “To the guy wearing the Viking's jersey in the UQ Snapchat Story, I’m seriously in love with you. Find me.”

Abby Diamond Snapchat Story

Reed’s friend tells Reed about Abby’s plea.  

And encourages Reed to reply to Abby. I mean, COME ON. This girl just declared her love for you on a PUBLIC SnapChat story. 

OBVIOUSLY he replies. 

“To the girl from Memorial Library. It looks like they took down my first Snap. That’s okay, if it’s fate maybe they’ll post this one. Meet me here.”

Snapchat story Romeo and Juliet

Reed’s video circulated back to Abby…

… as well as the entire university (because you know, it’s a PUBLIC SnapChat story) and then all the other students became obsessed with this modern Shakespearean romance. 

SO obsessed that they then started making their own stories. 

Yep, the whole university rallied around to encourage Abby and Reed to meet in the hope of a real-life love story.

Case and point. 

One wrote: “Sitting here refreshing my Snapchat every 30 seconds just too see updates from Viking's fan and Memorial Library girl. I hope you guys meet up tonight!”

Don’t get too excited. They didn’t meet up. 

BECAUSE ABBY MISSED REED’S INVITATION. She presumed that she had been ignored so when she did finally come across his response, she was SO relieved. 

She then did what any other girl what do - spoke to her friends about what to do next. 

Abby turned up the sass factor, did her hair, put on a killer outfit and made sure that she looked good for the camera, and proceeded to play a classic ‘cat and mouse game’. 

Snapchat Love Story

More delayed SnapChat responses later…

… and the pair had FINALLY agreed on a meeting spot. Making sure that this time they were both aware of the time and place. 

Meeting at a local bar called The KK, it was like these two were famous. 

Other students had heard about their confirmed meeting, with some actually heading down to the same bar in hope of witnessing the beautiful moment that these guys met. 

Snapchat Love Story

Snapchat Love Story

Yep, they FINALLY met at 1.30am. 

Snapchat Love Story

Snapchat Love Story

And the story was completed with an array of SnapChats from everyone watching. 

Snapchat Love Story

Snapchat Story Romeo and Juliet

We’re praying that they’re ending is happier than many of the Shakespearean books. Especially Romeo and Juliet… that wouldn’t be good. 

If you want to relieve it, the couple made a YouTube montage of ALL the Snaps and it is EVERYTHING.

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