If Someone Tells You To Say 108 To Siri, Do Not Do It! Here's The Dangerous Reason Why...

27 March 2017, 17:27 | Updated: 4 December 2017, 11:10


This prank has been spreading like wildfire on social media but it's actually very dangerous!

You may have seen lots of people suggesting that you say 108  to Siri on your iPhone. Whilst it might sound like a pretty random thing to ask, the number actually carries some serious importance.

People have been sharing messages over the last few weeks and tricking their friends and followers into saying 108 to Siri by masking it as a hilarious joke.

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In actual fact, 108 is the emergency services number in India, so when you say it to Siri, it thinks you're in danger and attempts to connect you to the emergency services which are local to you - in the case of the UK that would be 999.

Loads of people are being tricked into doing this and are being connected to the emergency services, which is a waste of time and potentially blocking people in actual danger from getting through quickly.

So if someone tells you to say 108 to Siri, what do you do? Nothing?

Gold star for paying attention!

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