The Sims 4 Introduces Polyamory In New Expansion Pack

1 July 2024, 17:36

The Sims 4 Introduces Polyamory In New Expansion Pack
The Sims 4 Introduces Polyamory In New Expansion Pack. Picture: EA Games
Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Sims can now date multiple people without any consequences with the Lovestruck expansion pack.

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Ever wanted your Sim to date multiple people? Well, The Sims 4 has just introduced polyamory with its new expansion pack.

In the years since The Sims debuted in 2000, the game has gradually made efforts to be more inclusive. From making same-sex marriage possible in The Sims 3, to adding customisable pronouns in 2022, The Sims continues to find ways to represent the millions of different people who play it. However, for over 20 years, polyamory has not been possible in the game.

Until now that is. The Sims 4 has a new Lovestruck expansion pack that allows sims to date multiple sims at the same time.

Watch the Sims 4 - Lovestruck Expansion Pack trailer

Lovestruck is a new Sims 4 expansion pack that allows players to experience completely new forms of romance in the idyllic neighbourhood Ciudad Enamorada. The city offers a wide array of places for your Sims to go on dates and get lost in love and lust. Not to mention, there are plenty of new outfit options for activities both in and out of the bedroom.

Best of all though, there is a new "Romantic Boundaries system" that allows you to "customize your Sim's experience with boundaries and jealousy." According to the official Sims website, "you can now define how your Sims approach romantic relationships in terms of physical and emotional romantic exclusivity."

They state: "This allows for Sims to date multiple Sims without impact to other relationships."

Well, hello let's celebrate that!

Sims 4 Lovestruck
Sims 4 Lovestruck. Picture: EA Games

In the past, Sims haven't been able to date other people at the same time without being regarded as cheating in The Sims universe. Lovestruck means that polyamory can finally exist and not affect relationships between Sims.

Elsewhere there are new romance dynamics including "wholesome", "steamy", "strained" and "unpredicatable". With Lovestruck, the possibilities for romance in the Sims are endless.

Lovestruck is available to preorder now and will be available to download worldwide on 25th July for £34.99.

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