This Bridesmaid Totally Upstaged The Bride... By RAPPING Her Entire Speech!

8 February 2016, 12:41 | Updated: 4 December 2017, 11:10

Maid of Honour Raps her Speech to 'ICE ICE BABY' at her sister wedding! AMAZING!


It's 'Ice Ice Baby', but with a touch of Mancunian flare.

Every bride HATES being upstaged at her wedding, but Hayley O'Brien seemed to LOVE it when her older sister rapped on her big day!

Taking to the mic, Rachel Winterbottom wanted to make her little sis' special, and after throwing out the idea of synching her toast to a workout, she decided to do a rap instead.

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Rapping Bridesmaid

"He's a bit Scouse and sounds like a crank, I'm no worried, we'll make him Manc!" is just one of the QUALITY lines the maid of honour spits out - and the rest is just as good!

Check out the full video now and get practising for your next big family wedding.

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