8 American Movie Prom Myths We Guarantee Will Absolutely Not Happen At Your UK Prom

18 May 2017, 16:04 | Updated: 4 December 2017, 11:10

Prom asset

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

With prom season quickly approaching, you begin to imagine what your big day is going to be like: your school all perfectly decorated, getting crowned Prom Queen or King and dancing the night away with your date. 

In reality, especially in the UK, proms are nothing like this. Sorry for the blunt delivery of this groundbreaking fact, but we wanted to be honest.

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Here’s what you expect your prom to be like because of American movies, and here’s what actually happens in Great Britain.

Hear that? That’s the sound of hearts breaking everywhere as they realise that their ‘perfect prom’ is a mere myth. 

American Movie Myth #1: The guy will pick you up from your house…

… and have to endure an awkward chat with your Dad, like he’s asking for his permission to marry you or something. 

What Actually Happens In The UK: Your parents will make you take awkward photos with every single family member imaginable…

… including the dog. 

American Movie Myth #2: You can tell who the ‘uncool’ kids are by their dresses.

They’re normally the ones in the massively outdated satins numbers. 

What Actually Happens In The UK: Everyone looks the same.

Queue bold colours, a tonne of diamontees, little tiaras, curly hair and fake nails. 

American Movie Myth #3: The Prom Committee sounds like the most exciting thing ever.

You are in control of EVERYTHING and the power feels so great.

What Actually Happens In The UK: There is no prom committee.

Prom is arranged by your teachers and my god, can’t you tell. 

American Movie Myth #4: Proms are the most beautifully decorated event of the year. 

It would probably rival most weddings. 

What Actually Happens In The UK: You’re lucky if you get those cheese savouries and salt and vinegar crisps from a supermarket. 

Haribo is a real extravagance. 

American Movie Myth #5: Really cool bands will play at your prom.

It’s basically a mini festival. 

What Actually Happens In The UK: OMG. We’ve got a DJ?!


American Movie Myth #6: The coronation of Prom King and Queen is the most exciting part of the night.

Naturally, the most popular kids in the school get it. Here’s looking at you Blair Waldorf. 

What Actually Happens In The UK: You’re lucky if you get any form of award or acknowledgment. 

Not even one for 'Tidiest Classroom'? FFS.

American Movie Myth #7: Everyone is singing and dancing in perfect unison. 

Even the ‘cool’ kids want to have a go on the dance floor. 

What Actually Happens In The UK: If the Macarena is played, you’re on to a winner. 

We wish we were joking.

American Movie Myth #8: Everyone acts as thought they’re never going to see each other again.

They'll probably just catch up at Spring Fling or Homecoming.

What Actually Happens In The UK: It’s highly likely you’re about to go to college with them, so get a grip. 

It’s fine.

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