NOTE: If You Wanna Pull Someone, Use This Method And Create A PowerPoint Dating Profile - It WILL Work

20 April 2017, 15:40 | Updated: 4 December 2017, 11:10

Lizzy Fenton's PowerPoint Presentation

It's official - this is the greatest way to get someone to fancy you.

When it comes to dating, the first move is always the hardest. Have you Google'd chat-up lines just so you have a hilarious opener on Tinder? Admit it.

So when it comes to wooing your crush, no-one does it better than Lizzy Fenton.

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Lizzy was just your usual girl; she had a crush on a guy named Carter, and before it sounds too much like a High School Musical subplot, this is where it gets interesting.

Using every template on PowerPoint, the swooning girl created a presentation based on all of the perks of dating her, and sent it to him.

She bullet-pointed facts about her; about how she's a "tantalising conversationalist", how she's "well dressed", and that she has an "edgy yet tasteful sense of humour". She also displayed a gallery of her various hairstyles and - finally - actually spent time on creating a graph to display her boob growth. Bravo, Lizzy. Bravo.

So what did Carter do? Did he Microsoft Excel to ask her out? Did he run out to buy her a ring and propose in the geekiest gesture? Or did he completely pie her off?

Oh. It was the last one, wasn't it? Well, his loss. We'll definitely date you, Lizzy. And, erm, while you're at it, can you help us? We've got a presentation we need getting made for Tuesday.

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