Are You Guilty Of 'Phubbing'? Here's Why It Could Be Ruining Your Relationship With Bae

15 June 2017, 11:56 | Updated: 4 December 2017, 11:10


What the heck even is 'phubbing' though?!

Every now and again a new word enters our vocabulary and just makes so much sense. Today that word is 'phubbing' and here's exactly why it could be the reason you and your BFF are always annoying each other!

First of all we need to tell what what in the world 'phubbing' actually is. Well, it's pretty simple - 'phubbing' is a joining together of two words, 'phone' and 'snubbing' and refers to those times when you snub a chat mid-convo and are more interested in your phone.

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Let's be honest though, we've all done it. Whether it's notifications from Instagram or your group chat absolutely going off, sometimes your phone actually is more interesting than real life!

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But it's actually pretty rude and although we have done it ourselves, we're always made to feel pretty guilty about it afterwards.

Speaking to WHIM recently, one expert said, "There are three important connection factors that will give us a sense of satisfaction in our relationships. The first one is accessibility, that you're both open and listening to one another."

"The second is responsiveness, as in you both empathise and try to understand how the other feels, as in 'get’ each other, and the third is engagement, so you're both making the time to be fully attentive to each other."

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Obviously if your phone is becoming a constant distraction then it's going to massively impact a relationship and has been known to cause break ups in the past!

So how can we cure our 'phubbing' addiction? Well having a dedicated phone-free zone for one hour a day is a good start. Just try not to think about all those important moments you could be missing on Twitter too much!

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