Is PewDiePie Really As Inspirational As He Thinks? Let's Put Him To The Test!

28 October 2015, 06:30 | Updated: 4 December 2017, 11:10

The world's BIGGEST vlogger stopped by Capital recently, and we couldn't help but put his lyrical wisdom to the test.

With 40 million YouTube subscribers and 10 BILLION video views, it's safe to say that Felix Kjellberg is a pretty big deal!

We know and love him as PewDiePie, and he's just jumped form YouTuber to author, as his debut book is finally here!

"This Book Loves You" is 240 pages of warm fuzziness in the form of inspiration quotes and life affirming doodles. It's safe to saw that Pewds could even be as confidence-boosting as some of our favourite musicians...

That's why we've put him to the test! Can PewDiePie match the inspirational song lyric to the artist? Hit play on the video above to see how he gets on!

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