Should FIFA Come Before Your Mates? PewDiePie Weighs In!

20 October 2015, 22:35 | Updated: 4 December 2017, 11:10

The YouTube legend answers your "bro-lemmas" with Capital's Roman Kemp.

Whilst stopping by Capital to promote his new book, This Book Loves You, YouTube giant PewDiePie took the time to offer some DEEP advice!

After recruiting for some Bro-lemmas (bro dilemmas, obvs), Roman Kemp pitched some of your problems to Pewds, and the results are epic!

If you've ever wondered whether you should go out to your mate's 21st birthday when you're KILLING it at FIFA? 

How about that awkward moment your BFF gets a nasty haircut that makes them look like a penguin?

Oh, and we've all been there when your best mate's ex DMs you asking you out (and they're "proper fit"!).

Hit play on the video above and get the advice you need from the BIGGEST web star on the planet!

Catch more from Roman Kemp all this week from 10pm on Capital.


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