7 Things You Wish Your New Uni Housemate Would Do That'll Never EVER Actually Happen

4 October 2017, 18:36 | Updated: 4 December 2017, 11:10

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Shall we order a pizza? Really? Nope!

Forget those mates from secondary school and sixth form...they're basically just the person you sat next to in your first Year 7 class anyway right? But uni...now THIS is where you meet those people who you'll be inviting to your wedding one day.

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You've unpacked all your bags, 95% of the things you now own are from IKEA and you're ready to start your new life. 

But then you hear the front door open...oh sweet baby Bieber, who the funk is about to walk through the door (your new best mate that's who). 

If your new housemate does ANY of these seven things in your first week of knowing them, they're a keeper.

1. They clean the kitchen without you having to ask them do it...like completely out of nowhere.

This was something your Mum used to do at home and now Suzy has only gone and become Barry bloody Scott with a bottle of bleach and 19p basics sponge (psst...this will never happen).

2. Bring all their glasses out of their room once they're done with them.

No, no, no. By the end of the week we guarantee if you go into your housemate's room they'll have model of the Eiffel Tower made completely from drinking glasses.

3. Never let the flat go without toilet roll.

Trust us, there will be a moment of shock and horror as you look to your left and find there's no loo roll in the holder. You have two options...stay in the bathroom until you die or use the shower curtain, sorry we said it...and we're sticking with it.

4. They'll never bring round that one weird mate of theirs who just stares at you constantly.

Why, oh why did that kid who has definitely been wearing the same clothes for two weeks from your lecture end up being your housemate's friend.

5. Put all their dirty clothes in the laundry basket (Not NEXT to it...IN it!)

"You have come this far bro...just put them IN the basket...this isn't rocket science...which is what you are studying!!!"

6. They'll actually turn their music off when it gets just a little bit too late.

"It is 2AM in the morning Dale, if I hear that Skrillex drop one more single time, I will throw your speakers out the window".

7. Never touch a single bit of your food.

We have one BIG piece of advice for you...label EVERYTHING. If you've got a can of beans, open it and label every single bean. Time wasted? NOPE! 

Whilst you're here. Turn up your volume...press play. And throw some shapes to Little Mix.