Don't Freak Out But Monopoly Might Be Ditching An Original Playing Piece For An Emoji

11 January 2017, 15:06 | Updated: 4 December 2017, 11:10

Monopoly pieces 2017

Yes, this is actually a possibility. 2017...why are you doing this to us?!

We love a good emoji. When you just can't be bothered to write that long message to your BFF, all you have to do is tap a few little pictures and they get exactly what you're talking about.

But are we ready for emojis to infiltrate the world's best loved board game...hmm, not everyone is sold.

Even MORE New Emojis Are Coming In 2017: Including Facepalm, Vomiting & Breastfeeding!

The makers of Monopoly are now giving you the chance to vote for a brand new playing piece, however in doing so, you might just vote out an old favourite! Please don't banish the little dog, please don't banish the little dog, please don't banish the little dog. If we say it enough it won't happen right?

There are an incredible 64 pieces to choose from, of course including the originals: a battleship, a shoe, an old-school race car, a cat, a top hat, a lil doggie, a thimble and a wheelbarrow.

new monopoly pieces


One Of Your Favourite Emojis Is About To Change Forever & People Really Aren't Happy

Hasbro revealed that the new tokens are based on pop culture, older editions of Monopoly and Mr Monopoly’s (the Monopoly guy who looks like the Pringles man) lavish life. The news has had a mixed response...

Take a look at a few of the the pieces yourself:

The smiley emoji:


The hashtag:

The key:

The blowing kiss emoji:


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