This Week's MUST-READ Stories: Olly Murs' Sexuality, Charlie Puth & Justin Bieber's Feud & More

19 March 2016, 06:00 | Updated: 4 December 2017, 11:10

Charlie Puth Justin Bieber Feud

PLUS Brooklyn Beckham's got a new girlfriend, and Jade Thirlwall absolutely OWNS a homophobe on Instagram.

From new relationship to some SERIOUS dirt being dished on old ones, some new celebrity beef and SO much more... it's been a VERY busy week in the world of pop! Check out the top stories we could NOT stop talking about... 

Brooklyn Beckham's got a new girlfriend - and she's a ridiculously pretty French model! 

Brooklyn took his lovely new lady friend on a date to Disneyland - and everyone else got serious envy that the best of our teenage dates consisted of two tickets to the local Cineworld... 



Charlie Puth started some beef with Justin Bieber... by accident! 

Charlie uttered the words "F**k you, Justin Bieber" while singing his song with Selena Gomez... and then instantly regretted it and took to Twitter to apologise. Awk. 


Matt Healy spilt the beans on his relationship with Taylor Swift... and was less than complimentary! 

The 1975's frontman revealed his thoughts on dating the pop princess... and says he would have felt emasculated by dating such a famous female! 



North West revealed that she HATES Snapchat... despite her mum, Kim Kardashian, being one of the BIGGEST fans of selfies

No, but, those filters can be scary AF. 



Olly Murs revealed the truth about his sexuality... and he reckons he's 20% gay! 

The star made the revelations as he admitted that "everyone has a bit of campness" - and we kind of love him for it! 



Selena Gomez ended up saying a LOT of rude words as she played the Whisper Game with Roman Kemp

Because what could POSSIBLY be more fun than getting a world famous star to yell "your tampon?!". Nothing, that's what. 


Jade Thirlwall shut down a homophobe who commented on her Instagram in the BEST way ever 

Let's just say, they will think twice before posting any small-minded comments on Instagram. Go on, Jade! 


Has Geordie Shore's Gaz Just Pulled The Smoothest Move And Pulled THE Ellie Goulding?

Gas got involved in some SERIOUS Twitter flirting - but has it worked to help him pull Miss Goulding!?

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