Marnie Simpson's Got Serious Beef With The Old Love Island Cast After Slamming Them On Twitter

21 June 2017, 11:24 | Updated: 4 December 2017, 11:10

Marnie Simpson vs Love Island's Kady Asset

"the old love islanders seem to have major issues"

We've all had our fair share of opinions when it comes to 'Love Island'. Just try to tell us you haven't spent a good 30 minutes Photoshopping one of the contestants faces on a snake, just to post to Twitter later for them sweet, sweet RTs.

However, it's a bit different when you're a verified user, with over 1.01 million followers on Twitter, right, Marnie?

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The Geordie Shore star was doing, essentially, what the whole of Britain was doing the other night - watching 'Love Island', but she decided to Tweet her opinion on some of the previous 'Love Island' contestants, saying "the old love islanders seem to have major issues with the new ones haha I've noticed they all get really aggy about them"

This is when Marnie knew she made a mistake.

Marnie Simpson Celebrity Big Brother - Launch NightPic: Getty

Stars from last year's series of the reality show started to ever-so-subtly quoted Marnie's original message. The likes of Thomas Powell wrote "Not getting aggy.. we all have our opinions just like the first years did with us. Every series is different and everyone is bound to judge"

His fellow islander, Kady McDermott, who came third in the previous series, wrote "No issues at all, were not islanders now were the public". She kinda does have a good point, right?

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We'll just, erm, probably delete all of the memes we made about rinsing Marcell for saying "Blazin'" every blazin' second of the blazin' day. Blazin'.

Let's have a blast from the past at last year's 'Love Island' champs. Them feels tho...