Why Is #SaveMarinaJoyce Trending And WTF Is Going On With The Youtube Star?

27 July 2016, 15:10 | Updated: 4 December 2017, 11:10

Marina Joyce YouTuber

Let us explain for you because things have got pretty serious.

If you’ve been on Twitter this morning then you have undoubtedly spotted the trend #SaveMarinaJoyce. 

Are you confused AF?

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Marina Joyce YouTuber

Let us explain. 

Let’s start with…

Who exactly is Marina Joyce? 



A photo posted by Marina (@marinamew) onJul 27, 2016 at 3:22am PDT

Marina Joyce is a YouTuber, based in the UK, who focuses mainly on all things fashion and beauty. With an impressive 700k subscribers and a loyal fanbase on her social media platforms, it’s fair to say that’s she a fairly big player in the YouTubing game. 

So, what is going on? 

Well, it’s being going on for a couple of weeks now. Her fans have become increasingly worried about her and her well-being after a series of strange behaviour. 

They have noticed a dramatic change in her behaviour and that she had gone from a fun-loving, upbeat and quirky YouTuber to someone slightly more manic. 

Fans also commented on the worrying side glances to an 'off-camera presence', 'secret hidden whispers' and the use of 'desperate sign language'. 

Even more strangely, Marina tweeted just before midnight about a meet up in Bethnal Green, London at 6.30am. Some commented that this was reckless due to the some of her followers being quite young.  

Thus, the #SaveMarinaJoyce trend was born. It built traction throughout the night and into the morning, with many Twitter users believing that she is being held against her will. 

We’ll break it down further. Here’s the evidence.

1. Her Liked Tweets 

Fans have been tweeting Marina with messages of concerns, asking her to ‘like this tweet if you need help’… she has indeed ‘liked’ them. 

There’s also a stream of worrying tweets that Marina has favourited: 

2. Her Bruises.  

You can suggest that Marina’s liked tweets is just her trying to interact with her fans and followers, but many are focusing on the physical evidence - her dark bruises.   

Many have claimed that the bruises are signs of abuse, whilst some have reminded social media users that she has admitted to a personal history of self harming during her “Draw My Life” video. 

3. The Videos Themselves.  

She’s grown a loyal fanbase due to the quality of her videos but recently, this has been cause of concern for her fans. 

They have been quick to point out that there has been a dramatic change in Marina’s visual appearance and persona - particularly in her most recent video, ‘Date Outfit Ideas’.  

4. The ‘Date Outfit Ideas’ Video.

Some fans have claimed to hear her whispering ‘Help Me’ at 0.13 seconds in, whilst others have suggested there is a script accidentally in shot at 0.08 seconds.  

Marina is known her off-the-cuff directing so some Twitter users are now concerned that there is someone behind the camera calling the shots and telling her what to do. 

5. The Hidden Sign Language. 

Marina is an expressive YouTuber - she’s excitable and animated and uses her hands a lot. However, some of her fans have suggested that in recent weeks some of her hand movements have been a cry for help through the use of hidden sign language.  

6. Sam Pepper’s Tweet.

Sam and Marina have a history since she alleged that he had sexually assaulted her, but Sam has tweeted regarding her ‘serious drug addiction’. This is something that Marina confirmed herself in her “Draw My Life” video.  

Since the hashtag started, Marina herself has tweeted confirming that she is safe, as well as her local police force confirming that they checked on her and all is well. 

She has also done a live feed and many fans have dissected this interaction too with many concerned about more off camera glances, intermittent streaming and a lack of explanation about bruises, despite addressing the rumour by saying “it’s a sad story”. 

YouTubers including Alfie Deyes and Daz Black have both commented on the story asking their followers not to attend the sketchy meet-up and reaching out to Marina herself to check on her safety.  

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