The Throwback Love Island 2017 Contestant Photos They Really Wish They’d Deleted

6 July 2017, 16:24 | Updated: 4 December 2017, 11:10

Love Island throwback

From cute to fit in one clean swoop.

They’re all glamorous and camera ready on the show but you’ll be glad to hear that even the Love Island 2017 contestants have photos on their Instagram that we bet they wished they’d deleted. 

Granted, they’re probably not as bad as our old university ones, but considering how incredible they’re looking on screen at the moment, we’re thinking that they probably want these to go away. 

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Love Island Cast 2017

Well, no can do because we’ve resurfaced them and let us tell you, there are some crackers in here. 

Alex Beattie

World's away from his schoolboy self, the heart-throb of the villa, Alex is one of the nations favourite newbies. Coupled up with Montana, they're going from strength to strength and with good looks like this, it's easy to see why Montana fell for him!
Alex Love Island throwback

Chloe Crowhurst

She was at the forefront of scandal before she even got into the villa, what with her supposed ex boyfriend and current TOWIE star Jon Clark ‘outing’ her for ditching him to go on the show without telling him about it. 

Before all the fame though, Chloe was a short-haired brunette who apparently loved dressing up as Batman. 

Rumours are also suggesting that Chloe has had lip fillers and a boob job. 


Kem Cetinay 

He may have been branded the love child of TOWIE’s Arg and Stacey Solomon, but regardless of where he came from, he looks worlds away from his former self. 

The Essex lad who is attempting to woo the ladies with his one liners has clearly been hitting the gym! 

Kem Cetinay

Camilla Thurlow 

Social media is absolutely loving Camilla right now. She’s fiesty and outspoken and doesn’t take any s*** from the lads. Not only that, but with her job as an Explosive Ordnance Disposal Specialist, she’s super clever too. 

Camilla has probably changed the least out of all the contestants, in our opinion. 

Camilla Thurlow

Chris Hughes

He’s become the victim of a viral meme thanks to this throwback photo and is definitely a hit with the girls in the villa now. He’s enjoyed flirty conversations with Gabby, headed on a date with Tyne-Lexy but admitted he fancied Olivia whilst coupled up with Chloe - still with us?! 

Twitter instantly responded to his confident nature by branding him ‘cocky’ but he may just be enjoying his new found body-confidence as he’s clearly been hitting the gym. 

Chris Hughes

Dominic Lever 

Dominic was basically unrecognisable a few years ago. The 26 year old careers advisor from Manchester has previously admitted to not being modest and a lot of people “call me vain, and I do love myself a bit. I play on it, though. I’ll go, 'I’m good looking me, aren’t I? Aren’t you lucky to be with me?'."

However, whilst we kind of want to hate him for his over confidence, it’s quite hard to when he’s probably just proud of his transformation. 

Although, we’re kinda into the long hair! 

Dom Lever

Tyne-Lexy Clarkson

The new girl to the villa, Tyne-Lexy has had her sights set on Chris Hughes and with her new blonde hairstyle, perhaps anything is possible! 

Tyne-Lexy Clarson

Sam Gowland 

Sam had hoped to woo Olivia at the start of the season but with a lack of chemistry, that was short lived. However, with his new gym-honed and tattooed body, we’re thinking it won’t be long until one of the girls falls head over heels for him. 

Also, did he used to wear coloured contact lenses?! 

Sam Gowland

Montana Brown 

Showing that she’s always had a cheeky side, Montana posted this old shower photo back to 2015 and she looked flawless with no make up, even back then!

Montana Brown

Marcel Somerville

Not sure if you know, but Marcel used to be in Blazin’ Squad, although he doesn’t like talking about it… 

… just joking. He talks about it basically every minute of every day. 

Marcel Somerville

Amber Davies 

The 20-year-old dancer hasn’t really changed that much since she posted this 2014 photo of ‘a very drunk me’. Only real difference is that she opts for a slightly more natural make-up look in the villa! 

Amber Davis

Should also maybe throw it back to when Cara and Nathan practised at being parents...