Love Island's Camilla Got Her First Kiss Of The Series & Jessica And Olivia Got Pretty Intimate

12 June 2017, 15:51 | Updated: 4 December 2017, 11:10

Love Island kiss

Go on ladies!

Love Island fans went mental over the weekend as Camilla Thurlow finally got a kiss on the show. 


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 Love Island girls kiss

Naturally, Twitter was delighted and even began comparing her to a modern day fairytale.

Which, we’re not quite believing considering it was during a game of an adapted version of ‘Truth or Dare’. 

Jonny’s dare was to ‘snog the shortest Islander’ which everyone agreed was Camilla and thus... kissing ensued. 

But that’s not what got people talking the most on Twitter. 

The real kissing drama came from Olivia Atwood and Jessica Shears who shared quite the intense kiss.  

During the same game, Olivia and Jessica stood up infront of everyone, wrapped their arms around one another and locked lips. 

Thankfully for Jess, it was Olivia and not Montana though because those two are not getting along right now. 

What is going to happen next? This lot are definitely keeping us on our toes!

Remember when Cara and Nathan became parents on the show?