Love Island's Jonny's Ex Tells "The Truth" On Twitter, Dishing The Dirt On His Cheating And Lies

3 July 2017, 08:22 | Updated: 4 December 2017, 11:10

Love Island's Jonny And Ex Asset

"You should think before you speak."

Is it really a day ending in '-y' if there isn't some 'Love Island' based beef going around? This time, it's the turn of Jonny... And for once, it's got nothing to do with Camilla.


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Jonny Love Island 2017Pic: ITV2

Jonny Mitchell was - prior to his appearance on the 'Love Island' villa - apparently engaged to a girl named Lauren Baxter. It was even rumoured that she posted on Twitter saying "I dumped him when I found out he cheated!", although the post is no longer on her profile.

The brunette has no taken to social media to clear up rumours that he left her for another woman, sharing a lengthy message with her hundreds of followers.

"The TRUTH!! For people judging me and commenting you should think before you speak" wrote Lauren. "jonny should look closer to home for 'the source [sic]"

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She attached a note to the Tweet, which read as "I know I don't really have to write this as most of you will know me well enough and that I have never aired my dirty laundry on social media.

"But I just want to say that I did not speak about my past relationship with Jonny. They knocked at my door and offered me money for a story and I said no…"

She finished off the message by saying "I certainly haven't been tweeting angry messages lol I've not said a word! I have no idea where this information has come from.

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Only these two really know the truth, but it's not like Jonny to leave a perfectly lovely girl for another woman, is it? (*cough* Camilla. *cough* Tyla.)

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