Dw, Gabby - Last Year's 'Love Island' Stars SLAM The Lie Detector And Producers For Being Fake AF!

19 July 2017, 08:48 | Updated: 4 December 2017, 11:10

Love Island Lie Detector Asset

Liv is gonna be RAGING to know this...

Following that Tweet game, where Stormzy pretty much destroyed Chris and Olivia, we didn't think the tasks in 'Love Island' could get any more brutal.

Then they go and bring back the lie detector segment. Get us a knife and fork, 'cause there's gonna be some beef.

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The iTV2 show brought back it's iconic feature, where they hooked up the girls in the villa to a lie detector, and their male counterparts got to bombard them with some light-hearted questions (we're looking at you, Kem), and some brutal, scathing, relationship-shattering questions (we're looking at you, Chris).

In Tuesday's episode, cracks began to show for Gabby and Marcel after she claimed not to love him, and the lie detector proved it to be a true statement, but last year's contestants reckon this was well out of the Islanders' control.

Jamie and Camilla Love IslandPic: ITV2

From 2016's winners, Nathan Massey and Cara de la Hoyde, to their other fellow contestants, Alex Bowen and Kady McDermott, they rallied to support this year's contestants, claiming that the lie detector was fixed, and that the producers picked the results based on what would be the most viewable watching.

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Olivia Buckland, however, defended the show, claiming that the "actual lie detector system is LEGIT [sic]", but that the results could be false due to the Islanders being nervous.

Fake. Real. Made-up. Accurate. To be honest, we don't mind either way - the could throw a unicorn into that villa, and we'd still watch 'Love Island' every single minute of the day.

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