Love Island Fans Are Concerned About Chloe After She's Been Spotted With Mysterious Marks On Her Body

16 June 2017, 08:59 | Updated: 4 December 2017, 11:10

Chloe Crowhurst Love Island

They're taking to Twitter to try and find out if she's okay.

Fans are a little bit concerned about Love Island’s Chloe.

And no, not because her ex boyfriend Jon Clark might be heading into the villa. 

Chloe Love Island 2017 Bruises
(Pic: ITV2)

Whilst most of Twitter is preoccupied with the obvious drama on screen, some eagle-eyed viewers are a bit concerned - and confused - about some marks on Chloe’s body. 

With marks on her legs, Chloe was seen lying on the bed getting upset about the Chris situation but also left viewers concerned about her bruises. 

One tweeted, “What’s up with all the bruises on Chloe’s leg?” whilst another wrote, “Why does Chloe always have bruises all over her?”.

EEEEK. We hope she’s doing okay.

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