Love Island 2016's Cara & Nathan Have Broken Up & We're Completely Heartbroken

12 April 2017, 17:10 | Updated: 4 December 2017, 11:10

Cara and Nathan split

We're so sad!

It seems that Love Island 2016 may have another break-up on its hands and it has come from a couple that we never would’ve guessed.  

The WINNERS of the reality show, Cara De La Hoyde and Nathan Massey have officially split. 

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It’s thought that the split has come after a sequence of “silly rows” which have led the couple to calling it quits. 

Sources have commented that “they’ve both mutually agreed to call it quits. It hasn’t been an easy decision but in the end they decided things would be better apart. They stayed really amicable and will definitely do all they can to be friendly”. 

The split comes after they won Love Island in July last year, bagged the £50,000 prize and moved in together. However, last month rumours started circulating that Cara had moved out of the house they shared together and was living with a friend. 

At the time a source said, “Nathan and Cara have always had a fiery relationship with plenty of ups and downs. But their latest bust-up is their biggest yet and it’ll be tough for them to come back from this”.

EEEK. We love these two together and we can only hope that they patch things up.

UPDATE (12th April 2017): 

Nathan and Cara have since tweeted about the break-up, confirming rumours of a split. 

In a heartbreaking tweet, Nathan said that they have "had the best summer of our lives" and that the split has been "tough". 

Whilst Cara reiterated his words.

We're sending them loads of love. Break-ups are the worst. 

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