The Logan Paul Saga Just Got A Whole Lot Worse If These Allegations About His Manager Are True

11 January 2018, 11:38

Shane Dawson Logan Paul

This just gets worse.

New accusations have come out claiming Logan Paul’s manager is trying to distract from the Suicide Forest video drama by paying off a site to claim that fellow YouTuber Shane Dawson is a paedophile.

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After a YouTube channel posted a video featuring a montage of clips where Shane apparently made inappropriate comments about underage children and admitted to Googling ‘naked baby’, they also uploaded what appeared to be a receipt for a payment from Logan Paul’s manager for making the claims.

Shane hit back on Twitter saying the comments had been taken out of context and denied the accusations against him.

Pop Crave then suggested the payment of $6,500 from Logan’s manager, Jeffrey Oscar Levin, to PopBlast was for them to make the accusations in order to take the heat off the backlash

There’s yet to be any word from Logan or his manager, but we’ll bring you the news as it happens. 

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