People Are Fuming At The Tinder Glitch That Lost Their Matches, Here's How You Can Get Them Back!

5 April 2018, 16:36 | Updated: 5 April 2018, 16:43

Tinder Glitch Asset

People have been going into meltdown after losing all of their matches, but there may still be a way to retrieve them.

As a result of Facebook privacy changes, Tinder was temporarily down last night and had wiped people's matches upon its return.

People have unleashed on Twitter and simultaneously revealed just HOW much they had invested into the dating app today.

A technical fault was preventing people from logging in and upon their glorious return to swiping and flirting with their sacred bank of matches- found they were all deleted.

Tinder quickly published a statement of apology about the logging in problem, but that was the least of people's problems. 

And people are losing their minds.

Having sifted through mountains of people to find the chosen ones they matched to, losing them means users have lost their potential partners FOREVER. 

Some people have taken to Twitter in a desperate bid to mourn their lost Tinder dates. 


Others face an even greater challenge, claiming to have a hot dinner date organised with none other than BagGalRiRi but will now never be able to reconnect with the superstar... they PROMISE they aren't lying.

There is a sneaky way to get around this though, as some users are saying that the desktop version still has the messages and matches from before the glitch. Phew.

The app is fully back up and running and Tinder, full of apologies, even left users with an important lesson in love.


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