This Kid Brought A Record Player Into His Physics Exam Like A Boss

12 April 2018, 17:00

Student Brought Record Player To Exam Asset

We've only got love for this guy who took bending the rules to the next level when he brought a record player to his exam...

In what might be the most epic exam hack this century has ever seen, one Canadian high school student brought an entire record player in to ensure he could blast the tunes during an exam.

Wyatt Prutch's teacher put a blanket ban on mobiles because of the potential to cheat and quick-thinking Wyatt, unfazed, saw the obvious way around this problem and brought the enormous piece of equipment with him on the day.

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Picture: Twitter

Eric Saueracker was chaperoning his class as they took their physics mid terms and couldn't resist snapping a picture of his pupil, who settled down to his physics exam whilst jamming out to Kanye West's 'College Dropout.'

Picture: Twitter

People on Twitter were amazed at Wyatt's vintage yet genius way of thinking.

To top it all off, Eric has since tweeted that Wyatt actually aced the exam. 

You go Glen Coco!

This guy is undoubtedly playing the system in the most brilliant way, but with exam season approaching, we're just gonna say we don't know how well this will go down... so everyone unpack your record players, we repeat, unpack!

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